Funeral Planning

Pre-planning & Pre-paying Your Funeral

The benefits of pre-planning your funeral, you are ensuring that your wishes are recorded and other necessary information. It relieves the burden and grieving family and friends and enables them to mourn their loss without the additional stress of arranging the funeral.

Pre-planning & Pre-paying Your Funeral

Information such as whether you wish to be buried or cremated, where you wish to be buried or where you wish your cremated remains be placed, whether you wish to have a church, chapel or graveside service, your favourite music these are just a few of the details which assist in the arrangement of a funeral. To make this as easy as possible, we have a Forward Planning form which allows you to make your wishes known, and also questions which assist in the filling of the necessary government paperwork for the registration of the death.

Authorised Funeral Fund Members

At Owens Maranoa Funeral Service we offer two products of Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd, one of Australia’s leading funeral fund managers, to our clientele. As Sureplan has been managing funeral funds since 1935 they understand that the prompt payment of a funeral benefit can help to relieve the stress that normally accompanies the loss of a loved one. Therefore funeral benefit claims for their funeral insurance plan for the Under 56s (Sureplan Family Fund) and funeral savings plan for the Over 55s (Sureplan Gold) are paid within 1 working day.

Sureplan is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Association (APRA) and is registered under the Life Insurance Act and the Corporations Act.

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